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We invite you to browse through our comprehensive online farm real estate market place to investigate a wide selection of agricultural possibilities. Are you looking for land, a well-developed farm, lifestyle or hobby farm, a commercial agriculture venture, or a ranch; from smaller cattle back-grounding operations to commercial enterprises with 1000 or more cows to feedlots with 30,000 or more head of cattle?  Do your interests lie in dairy farming, beef cattle, hogs, poultry or equestrian; or in seed-growing, potatoes, sugar beets, beans, canola, corn, peas, lentils, flax, alfalfa hay, timothy hay, wheat, barley or oats?  Check our listings for a great variety of specialty Farms. Whether your purpose is relocation, start-up, short term revenue, or strategic long term investment, our agriculturally astute REALTORS® are here to assist you in buying or selling agricultural properties.

Check out Farm Real Estate for: Dairy Farms for sale, Land for sale, Poultry Farms for sale, Hog Farms for sale, Ranches for sale, Equestrian Centre's for sale, Potato Farms for sale in both Alberta and Saskatchewan!